D. Jack Solomon: From 2004 through 2009

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307Mell O Drama #6 (detail), 2006, 18 X 50 acrylic on canvas.

HOH presents paintings by D. Jack Solomon from 2004 through 2009.

D. Jack Solomon’s paintings, with their iconography of shapes, forms, characters, and symbol sets, seem to teen and wiggle with life.  His Funny Paper, Mell O Drama, and Abstraction series featured in this exhibition draw from all types of visual cultures having an overall effect similar to animation.  This sophisticated, jazzy vitality is offset through the artist’s measured working methodology that involves reconstituting by careful brushstrokes the generic look of conventionalized contour lines.

Solomon’s inordinately labor-intensive working process uses no taping of any kind to get the look of “clean edges.”  Each line, segment, form, “brush-stroke” signifier of expressiveness, even the “look” of unfinished or provisional space is reconstituted by Solomon’s use of his unique “cut-around” painting technique to produce the illusion of surface layering.  This process requires the artist to use head worn magnifying loupes for the labor intensive detail work that is required to create the subtle haptic and halo effects he produces.  Surfaces are sensually intensified by the suggestion of stenciled, stamped, or decoupage areas while illusionary layering affects ratchet up the overall surface tension of the work while enhancing the optical, spatial and tactile values.  Such quietly commanding dimensional effects lend presence to work that is already singularly effective in evoking the terms of simultaneity, alternity and radical displacement.

Iconographic recycling and juxtaposed referential imagery in the work along with startling compositional and spatial incongruities are enhanced by the sanguineous flecks of red color that peek through the edge-work, and effect produced by the artist working off of a red undercoat instead of the traditional white one.  This peek-a-boo effect of what appears to be residual color serves to continually re-activate the surfaces and the playful jousting of forms and volumes.

It is a truism to say that every artwork is autobiographical in nature if not in intent.  Solomon’s Funny Paper, Mell O Drama and Abstraction paintings are characterized by compositional rigor, ornate inventiveness and sensory playfulness.  They are D. Jack Solomon’s way of creating complex and interwoven yet metaphysically expansive universes.

Dominique Nahas, an independent curator and critic based in Manhattan

Hudson Opera House
327 Warren Street Hudson, New York 12534
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