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by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham

Joan Carl has spent a life enjoying what she loves most: sculpting with hands, seeing with eyes, feeling the crevasses of hard wood, shaping materials until they speak as she says.

“I fell in love with sculpture when I was nine and was handed my first plasteline. From then on it’s been a steady progression of drawing, painting, modeling and carving, all the time asking questions of the materials, of myself and of life.”

Reflecting on her youth, Carl shares the secrets that ignites her heart: family and community are at the core. Other concerns — war and hate, space and refuge, the frustration of observing and not controlling — are also present, but are under-girded by the hope of community, of banding together, of love.

In this video interview we walk through Carl’s studio and home, learning some secrets, some techniques, and some uncommon knowledge at work. Still actively receiving commissions, Joan’s passion has not dimmed; she relishes a challenge, the project at hand.

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  1. Love seeing Joan spotlighted here…such a terrific person…we met when i put together a show, 40 X 40 (40 self portraits by 40 female artists over the age of 40)…and we have stayed in touch ever since! Such a committed, compassionate human..all reflected in her work.

    Comment by Cheryl — 8/28/2010 @ 12:04 pm

  2. Excellent documentary on the ultimate professional artist.

    Comment by Kent Twitchell — 4/2/2011 @ 1:47 am

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