Studio Gallery: Dominique Moody

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by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham

Assemblage artist, Dominique Moody, was born to a life of struggle, with her parents working to shelter their children in a Jim Crow South, and determined not to allow racism to undermine their children’s growth and potential.

Dominique was encouraged early to prize opportunity, to develop an independence of mind and spirit, to grow into a person of intense drive and persistence. She is a storyteller, sharing with us her life’s progression, her strengths, and the mojo that powers her life-trek, a trek that ignites, or re-ignites, in all of us dreams of better things.

She was marked as an artist at an early age and was invited to study in various workshops at the Philadelphia College of Art, and Pratt Institute in New York. She then was awarded a scholarship to UC-Berkeley (1986-91), afterwards pursuing an eclectic creative path. In her 30’s, faced with failing vision and the prospect of no vision, she returned to Berkeley to further her education. With loss of vision her usual art forms, drawing and painting, shifted to assemblage work.

Whatever the form, the story and its telling are rooted in her own life and experience. Her newest work ‘the Nomad’ exhibited recently at the California African American Museum, draws on the personal challenges of childhood, of artistic growth, of the loss of vision, and, finally, of an artistic vision gained: a vision that encompasses the interplay of the no-nonsense tough-times and the playful fantasy of child-artist, the vision of a seasoned and mature artist. She shares here an entire life-journey, from childhood to the evolved Nomad, free from bondage, free to shape and create and share her life, her art.

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