Studio Gallery: Alisa Gabrielle

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by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham

Alisa Gabrielle’s early travels to Mexico with her parents left a lifelong impression on her. The colors, the curvaceous female forms, the people, their nature, became her main influences in her style. She celebrates the female form in all shapes and sizes.

For Alisa discovering her own artistry was a gradual process culminating first in her education in linguistics and the Spanish culture. She attained both a BA in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from UCLA Cum Laude, an MA in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from University of Southern California and began instinctively converging art and language. Alisa’s need to feel challenged led her to explore the power of the mind, she continued her studies receiving a MA in Educational Psychology at California State University Northridge, exploring connections between art, thought, and how they interrelate.

Having personally struggled in her childhood with the want of being an artist, Alisa reflects, “I was my own worst enemy, if you tell yourself you can’t do something or someone else tells you, it can kill your dreams and I killed mine at 8 years old when I went with my mother to the museums to see the Monroe and the Lautrec, and the Van Gogh. When I went home to draw a realistic face and body it didn’t look right to me, so I decided that I must not be meant to be an artist.” Alisa worked through her early childhood doubts, finding inspiration in the progresses made by many of her students and psychotherapy patients. As she witnessed art being attained and enjoyed by others, Alisa (then in her mid-30’s), began seeking training, traveling to Pietrasanta Italy to learn sculpting, “That was the beginning of a whole new life that I never intended for, never planned for, but opened an arena to me that changed my life forever because I didn’t know I was becoming an artist at that point, I just thought I was going to have a lesson and learn something.”

Seeking, exploring, building vocabulary and comfort level, an artist emerged and now nearly two decades later Alisa finally is the artist she wanted to be. Today Alisa’s work celebrates femininity, the strength of being a woman, expressing forms ripe and full figured that challenges us, the viewer, to rethink our perceptions of beauty.

She studied sculpture with Luciano Gabrielli (Italy), Edit Davidovivi (Italy), Joan Carl (Los Angeles), Robert Cunningham (Los Angeles), Britta Sadoff (Los Angeles) and Harriet Hochberg (Los Angeles). She painted with Robert Stoller (Los Angeles), Cynthia Ebin (Los Angeles) and Lula Flores (Los Angeles)

Alisa’s work has been exhibited at various galleries including: the Moge Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, the NoHo Gallery, Los Angeles, Robert Cunningham Gallery, the Patricia Correia Gallery, Bergamot Station, Gallery Galeotti, Pietrasanta, Italy, Latino Art Museum, Pomona, CA, and David Streets Fine Art, Beverly Hills, LAAA Gallery, Art Share LA, Los Angeles Convention Center and art walks including: the San Fernando Artist Tour, Ventura Art Walk, Brewery Art Walk, World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today Exhibition Tour” Miami, Florida. Her works also appeared on the set of “Starting Over” (TV Reality Show), George Pennacchio, Public Radio 89.3, and Topanga Messenger.

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