Studio Gallery: Fumiko Amano

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by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham

Fumiko Amano’s artwork comes from the inspiration of Beat Generation writers and poets, and music and noises from urban street life.

Fumiko grew up in Tokyo and traveled to the US in the late 1980s to attend the University of Wisconsin. Her initial plan was to return to Japan, after collecting scripts in the states, to study experimental theatre in Tokyo. However, while studying painting and printmaking, Fumiko found her true expression in the fine arts.

“I found that while I was studying at the University of Wisconsin my hands were looking for something rather than my body was looking for something in the theatre arts, that’s when I made my decision to enter fine arts. It also came naturally for me and I started to develop my own unique style.”

With her fine art skills, her earlier education in English Literature from Tokyo Woman’s College, and her understanding of theatre and movement, Fumiko transfers her voice to canvas through the inspiration of her dreams and rhythms that play constantly in her mind.

Her paintings and collage work have an intricate quality, both colorful and poetic. Having traveled internationally, to Wisconsin, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and NY, ending up in Los Angeles, she finds her inspiration in the streets and in the rhythms of everyday life.

Fumiko’s latest works, in her dream series, are collaborative combinations of her dreams, her thoughts, and her varied skills. With each glimpse of her work, the audience uncovers another piece of Fumiko, but also a piece of themselves.

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